DIY Tutorial For Floor And Wall Tile Cleaner

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You can protect your home environment and people living inside with this simple DIY recipe of tile cleaner.

It won’t be surprising for us if you have all of the ingredients needed to prepare homemade floor cleaner. Ceramic wall tiles India manufacturers sharing piece of advice with their customers to avoid using commercial stuff since it has more chemicals that pollute your home environment. Using homemade floor cleaner will help you in breathing chemical free air and give you hygienic environment at home.

Commercial products designed for cleaning tiles contribute to indoor air pollution. If you have any patient of asthma or allergies, you know the importance of maintaining indoor air quality for their good health. Moreover, pets and toddlers that spend more time on the floor are too at risk of getting in contact with harsh solvents. You can protect your home environment and people living inside with this simple DIY recipe of tile cleaner.

How to prepare homemade floor cleaner?

You will need these ingredients:
  1. 2 cups of warm water
  2. ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol
  3. ½ cup of white vinegar
  4. 3 drops of liquid dish soap
  5. 5-10 drops of essential oils (pure)

Important note- Please, do not use a dish soap that includes moisturizers, oxygen bleach or antibacterial ingredients. Stick to classic dish soap without any fragrance or extra thing. Do not swap castile soap for the dish soap as it is oil-based soap and if you use it, you have to deal with streaks and smears. The recipe shared here can be used for granite, marble and natural stone floors. Mix all the ingredients and store the mixture in a plastic bottle. You can either use it with spray bottle and with mop; it delivers brilliant shine and hygienic tiles.

Recycling old plastic cleaner bottles
Since plastic is widely used by toiletries industries to store and package their products, you end up building a rack of empty cleaner bottles at home. You can stop shopping for readymade cleaners from the super market and prepare your own recipe and recycle the empty bottles. In this way, you will not only contribute to healthy environment at home, but also help mother Earth by recycling the plastic bottles instead of disposing them. Plastic usage is a major concern today and to protect the environment, people are making efforts and limiting the use of plastic products for better and breathable atmosphere.

Ceramic wall tiles manufacturers India have made an approach to give you a chance to contribute to environment. Consider this DIY tutorial and prepare your homemade tile cleaner solution to give hygienic and better air to family.