Learn To Paint Designs On Ceramic Tile

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Things to do before painting the ceramic tile

We usually throw out the old ceramic plain tiles because we consider them as a waste. However, we don’t realize that a lot can happen with these simple tiles. Designer wall tiles India suppliers will tell you the best way to repurpose these tiles and design in your own way. Yes, you can customize ceramic tiles your own by painting your design over them! How to do it? Let’s learn together.

A plain, tiled surface is durable and practical, but it usually appears boring to you. When you think of replacing these tiles, you will need money, time, and skills. Instead of replacement, you can try different thing and paint your custom designs on them. You can mix your regular paint colors or acrylic colors with air-dry enamels and use them as ceramic tile painting color.

Things to do before painting the ceramic tile
You must clean your tiles and make them dirt free. No oil or grease should be present on the surface that you wish to paint. Wipe the tiles using damp sponge and let them dry. Do not touch the surface as your fingers will leave oil. In case you mistakenly touched the tiles, use rubbing alcohol to remove marks.

Decide which tile you want to color. You could paint all of them, tiles in a checker board pattern, or random patterned tiles.

If you are an amateur painter, you can practice your design before trying it on ceramic tile. You can even use stencil if you want similar design pattern on all the tiles.

Take a disposable plate that can be used as a palette. Put a small amount of every color of paint you want to use on the palette. In case you are applying enamel paints, use a surface conditioner to the tile first.

Start painting your tiles. Wash your color brush between colors, using water as both acrylic and air-dry enamels are water-soluble. Use paper towel to dry the brush before using it again. Let the design dry.

Use clear coating to protect your design. You can either use glazing enamels or water-based varnish for acrylic paint. If your painted tiles get major use, opt for polyurethane.

This is how you can repurpose your ceramic tiles that you planned to throw out. Designer wall tiles India suppliers have shared their best guidelines to make you understand how to perform a DIY ceramic tile painting project your own. If you have any question, ask in comments below. If you have tried this DIY, do share your design with other readers and followers to give them an idea about the work.