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Bathroom Wall Tiles India

Unwind in Style

Gris knows that in contemporary household bathroom is more than a place of just freshening up. It is the place where you start and end your day and this makes it special. A clean bathroom with colors that soothe you can revitalize you and energize you. This motivates Gris to create a collection for bathroom wall tiles India.

Designs That Reflect You

Our collections have something for everyone. Our designs incorporate classic designs and patterns like geometric shapes and paisleys. But, that is not where we stop, we continuously innovate to create designs that symbolize modern living. This include figures and abstract patterns. Want more, we offer digital wall tiles where you can get almost anything printed on the tile. Explore our range of bathroom wall tiles India to experience our range of designs.

Colors That Inspire You

It is a proven fact that colors and light can affect your mood. So, the color of your bathroom wall tiles should be chosen wisely. Gris offers a variety that has a blend of warm and light shades along with hues that are uncommon. Besides, we allow you to choose the color with the design of your choice to create wall tiles that are you in every way. So, let color that lightens your mood, dominate your bathroom walls.

Give us an opportunity to elevate your bathrooms with our range of wall tiles. Check out our collection for more information on our offerings. Contact us at for more queries and price quotes.